By Judy Salisbury

As a professional speaker and presentation trainer, I have been assisting folks for years to communicate the pro-life or human life position with credibility. It amazes me that many individuals who are involved with this work, and have been for a long while, still do not recognize what is at the heart of the abortion debate. Often pro-lifers pose the argument, “Legal abortions harm women emotionally and physically.” Some ask, “How do we respond to the unsafe, illegal, ‘back alley abortion’ concern?” Also, there are very powerful articles and books written regarding the emotional trauma post-abortive women face. There are books that discuss the disturbing psychological impact abortion has had on those who performed them.

While these are all concerns that need to be addressed, first a distinction must be made between the sin and the consequence. The purpose of this article is to settle that distinction and address the abortion rights arguments intelligently and successfully. It is my hope that this article will be valuable to those individuals who have dedicated their lives to stopping this evil. For those of you who may find yourself in a debate or question-and-answer forum, may this be an asset to you as well.

When I was about thirteen, I was of the opinion that the best way to wash a car was to scrub it with a steel wool pad. It turned out that although my intentions were sincere, the results were tragic and rather costly. In the case of abortion, we have many sincere people who are sincerely wrong. Sincerity about a subject does not necessarily mean truth or right; it simply translates into passion. Some folks sincerely believe abortion helps women during a difficult time.

There are those who sincerely do not believe that the pre-born are human persons. When discussing the arguments for abortion rights, we must first establish the full humanity of the pre-born child from the moment of his or her conception. The establishment of the humanity of the conceptus is vitally important. If the pre-born are not fully human from the moment of his or her conception, why dispute the issue at all?

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