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Whether you are an Advocate, Protector, Ambassador, or Benefactor for Life, we could not do our work without your generous sacrifice.
Thank you for not just MAKING a difference, but for BEING the difference!

Donate Non-Cash Assets
In addition to monetary donations, True Choice Medical Clinics is able to accept non-cash assets.

Financial gifts are always appreciated and include the following:

• Stocks
• Bonds
• Mutual Funds
• Bequest

Real property gifts are also welcome and include real estate or vehicles.

Turning Point PRC also accepts the donation of gently used baby (up to one-year-old) and maternity items. Please be sure all donations are in good condition. We are not able to accept car seats or cribs. Please call to schedule an appointment to deliver donations.

For more information or questions about making a non-cash donation, please call our office at 858-397-1970.

Miracle of Life Giving Community
Advocate for Life
As an Advocate for Life you see first-hand the impact your voice for the voiceless has made in the surrounding community and you seek to promote life within your personal circle of influence. You may give financial support occasionally or during special events, but your greatest gift is your gift of time volunteering at True Choice Medical Clinics.

Protector of Life
As a Protector of Life you feel strongly about pro-life issues and realize True Choice Medical Clinics’s ongoing work is vital to the community. You faithfully give monthly financial support to help sustain the ministry and keep its doors open so that every life can find protection for the precious and unique gift that it is.

Ambassador for Life
As an Ambassador for Life you are passionate for life and communicate that passion in all areas of your own life. You use your passion to influence others; you are not afraid to ask for funds to help this cause that is so near and dear to your heart. You financially support True Choice Medical Clinics regularly, in large amounts, and often sacrificially because you feel a specific calling on
your life for this purpose.

Benefactor for Life
As a Benefactor for Life your love and passion for life has helped you see the long-term “big picture.” You believe that your financial gift must transcend the present and succeed in teaching life’s value and significance to future generations. You desire to leave a personal legacy for life to help sustain the ministry of True Choice Medical Clinics for many years to come.